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Previously a fashion designer and illustrator, fashion copywriter, filing clerk, children’s charity worker, children’s book illustrator, humorous illustrator, bad poet and not bad cartoonist, trading dip pen and drawing board for desk and Mac, Maggie Ling has added fiction writer to the list, the short story currently her favoured form.

With an innate understanding of the short story form, [Maggie Ling] looks at conventional scenarios from an oblique angle . . . creating a strong sense of intimacy between reader and protagonist. Her narrative, vertical rather than linear, enables us to feel fully satisfied by the snapshot shown. – Sarah Westcott, on behalf of The Literary Consultancy.

the inking woman at the cartoon museum london female comic cartoon artists


Maggie’s work is featured in The Inking Woman exhibition at The Cartoon Museum in London, alongside the work of over a hundred British women cartoon and comic artists. The show runs until 23 July. Find out more…